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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pictures! Oh yeah, that's what I said!

For those of you who only follow me in blogville, we had the baby! She arrived three and a half months ago. Wow, time goes faster the second time. Also, there is less free time, although I seem to be up more hours of the day now that I have two to contend with. :) Edmund is great with Niamh--almost always remembering to be gentle and not to poke her eyes and we're working on sharing the cars now. I'm trying to teach him that she's a person too, and that soon she'll be his best playmate so let's learn now to share and include her in our games.

She is a surprise a minute! Niamh started rolling over at three weeks old--and is now so proficient at it that I often find her in a different spot if I'm out of the room for more than half a minute. She is determined to go somewhere.....wherever the people are. She doesn't like being alone.

We just moved her into the nursery and the crib this week. The first night was rough, but last night was a lot better, and tonight I put her to bed at 7:30--a new record! We'll see if she gets up again before I hit the hay, but you know, it's a good start. Tonight we were all playing together on the floor--she was rolling around on a play mat and grabbing hanging things and then trying to crawl away and rolling back and forth and giggling as she watched Edmund drive his cars nearby. Tonight's been a good night. I'd love them all to be like this.

In other news, Edmund is potty-training and doing a great job of it. Maybe because his great incentive is a cookie for every successful trip to the potty. I've started giving him half cookies, which is good because somedays he's gone four or five times (whoo-hoo!). We had one day in which we used no diapers whatsoever; well, had a diaper on him for naptime but he woke up dry and we kept going until bedtime. I am so proud of my little hobbit.

Okay, on to the pictures. I know that's what you came for. :D

Edmund holding Niamh for the second time (the first time I was home alone and it only lasted about ten seconds).

It starts early--who needs the presents when you can play with the wrapping? She spent probably twenty minutes crinkling the tissue paper.

Niamh on the blanket Auntie Amy made for her.

Niamh in a watermelon outfit--so cute!

Smiling at Daddy in a cute heart hoodie.


  • Wow! Is she growing fast! I can't believe how big she is already. I am so ready to meet my little one, but don't want the time to pass so fast. It seems that in the blink of an eye they no longer look like a baby, but more and more like a little person. :) Niamh is so precious...I cannot WAIT to meet her! Thanks for posting the blankie pic too. Love to see her with it! :)

    By Blogger Amy Hinman, at 9:04 AM, November 28, 2009  

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