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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free books and other stuff

If you have a bunch of books laying around collecting dust that you'll never read again, you should check out . I really love this site--you post books you don't want, someone tells you that they want them, you mail the book to them, and you get points to get books you DO want from someone else. Sweet deal, eh? Not exactly something for nothing, but essentially a cross-global book swap. Check it out.

The other site I just discovered today (although I've been hearing about it for months) is . On this site you post all sorts of items that you don't want, and other people in your area come pick them up if they want it. It's even free-er than bookmooch because you don't pay postage! Although you do have to pick up what you want, and there's no guarantee that the person who's giving things away will give it to you. Creating community and saving space in the land fill......pretty novel idea.

That's it for now. We had a good Christmas. Edmund is upstairs sleeping. I'm too tired to upload photos, but soon I hope I will. :)


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