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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Since Christmas and all

!Hola Amigos!

I'm officially back to the blogging grindstone, at least for one afternoon. Here are the answers to the top ten most asked questions, as my form of a come-back post:

1 Did you get the job?
Yes, I did. I've been working since the first week of December. You might have missed a post.

2 How is the job going?
You obviously didn't miss the post. :) The job is going well. I'm currently doing extremely boring stuff (going through, throwing away, and off-site filing a bunch of old court documents), but next week I will begin the real adventure of dictatyping. That's taking all the officers' reports, witness statements, coroner's reports, arrest reports, other random court documents you've never heard of, charges, and supeonas and typing them into the system. I'm very much looking forward to it. I love the girls I work with (yes, I work with ALL women with the exception of two guys named Paul--that would be an interesting name for a punk band).

3 Don't you have to work crazy hours?
I will start my crazy hours (it's called shift work) the same day I start training as a dictatypist. This will also be an adventure.

4 How was your Christmas?
Excellent. Got to go to three church services on Christmas eve (I'm such a carol-junkie), although Jason had to work and only made it to the first one. Spent the day with some of my small group people who kidnapped me, fed me, and made me watch It's a Wonderful Life. Christmas morning Jason & I were up at eight (all my doing!) to open presents at our apartment. Then we headed out to Mum & Dad's to open presents with them and the boys and Uncle David. We had a lovely dinner and lunch, then on Boxing day I made my family's traditional Christmas breakfast of Aebleskievers (it's a Danish [not Dutch!] pancake ball eaten with powdered sugar and applesauce). In the afternoon we got our Boxing day sale fix by visiting our brother's girlfriend at Liquidation world. We had a lovely time--I had four days off of work and Jason had two, and it was great. Also did some free laundry at the farm.

5 How was your New Year's?
Good. Went over to our friend's house. There were about eight of us all told. Played Settlers of Catan, toasted the New Year, ate, went home around 2.

6 So now that you're a cop I can't talk about all my illegal hobbies because you'll arrest me?
I'm not actually an officer, and no, I don't carry a gun nor do I drive a cruiser. But you should quit your illegal hobbies anyway. There's probably a reason why they're illegal. I can still do a citizen's arrest if need be.

7 It's pretty cold up there in Canada, eh? Don't you wish you stayed down South?
No on both counts. We haven't really seen snow since October here in the city, although Mum & Dad got a bit at the beginning of December. It will probably blizzard here the week we're at my sister's.

8 When are you going to your sister's?

9 Doesn't she have kids or something?
Yes, I get at last to meet my first nephew, Caleb. In THREE DAYS! I'm excited. Ask to see my pictures. He is cute, and intellegent and fun and likes to squeal. He takes after our side of the family, of course. I'm going to teach him Spanish & Swahili while I'm there. And I hope to carry him around on my back like an African mama and teach him to walk. He's 8.5 months now. My parents are also there, along with my brother & his wife. We're going to do family portraits and have a wee Christmas.

10 When can we get together again?
I don't know. Call or email me......I've got my schedule until the end of February so we can work something out. :)

It was fun while it lasted! Send in your favourite questions for consideration for next week's edition of the BASKERVILLE Chronicle.