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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Flixster love

I just deleted the most interesting comment from my Flixster page. I guess now I should have saved it for the laugh factor. It was this dreamy love poem, and at the end he says, "I see your pic you are so beautiful. Here is my email write me and I will send you my photos."

Um, my picture on Flixster, well, if you don't know what it is go look and let me know if YOU find me attractive just from the picture. There's a little box on my sidebar that will take you there.

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday

Do you know why I love Thanksgiving? Well, I suppose the initial reason I always loved it was because my family would always celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving, since it was always within a few days of it and all the family was together anyway. But it was always my favourite holiday even later because it was a day that it was pretty well guaranteed my whole family would be together. Even when my brother & sister were away at college, they'd come home for Thanksgiving (and surprise my mom). That was always great. And it's also the one American holiday that I've been able to celebrate in the countries I've gone to--at DTS in Alberta, on BAS in India, and here in Ontario every year. And it makes Jason happy to have a huge turkey dinner two months back-to-back.

This year will be particularly special because for Thanksgiving we'll be celebrating another birthday--the birthday of our first child!

Jason and I are expecting our little addition to arrive around Canadian Thanksgiving this year. We already have our midwife and are planning a home birth.

My blog has taken forever to update because we found out not long after the last update, and I couldn't imagine not talking about the pregnancy on the blog, but there were so many people I wanted to call or tell in person first. So there you have it. If you didn't know, now you do. Hopefully blog updates will be more regular now.

Feel free to post comments and questions and I'll answer them all soon. Who-hoo! We're excited. Are you excited?