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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Good news

Received a letter from OHIP today--and I qualify for coverage right away! HOORAY! I'm so glad! So I'll be running down to the OHIP office when Jason gets back to work to get my health card. Yay! Then we can call Starbucks and put me on Jason's insurance plan. This is all good news!

I'm so happy! I just can't put anything into words at the moment. Wanted to share the good news, though. Thanks everyone for your prayers. This is a big step forward--finally some forward motion!!!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

You have been warned

You Are The Gobfather Ice Cream
Someone crosses you, and they'll end up with a scoop of this in their bed

Monday, May 08, 2006

Some Answers......and some more questions

Well, I'm finding some things out that have been helpful. Unfortunately, it's taken me eleven months to get any answers at all that I can live with.

First piece of good news: I don't have to redo my medical exam!!!!!! HOORAY! If I could do backflips, I'd be doing them as I type. I'm very happy about this for several reasons.

Second known fact: There ARE people on my side in the system. I met two of them today. The first I met at the OHIP office, Terri. She's a dear. She was at the first desk directing people where they should go stand in line or sit or whatever. She took a look at the documents I brought with me to apply for my health card, and told me I was missing one that I needed. Unwillingly (and I'll have you know I've never done this in public in a government office before in ALL my life in ANY country I've been in) I burst into tears as she said it. I then started apologizing between sobs, saying that I've been going through this for months, and I'm sorry. She just told me to go to a marked door in the lobby and that she'd meet me there in a minute. So I go in, still wailing (yeah, I discovered all my wail control is gone), and she comes in with a box of tissues and explains it all to me. So nice! And that I just had to get the other letter that CIC has sent me, and when I come back just stand by her desk, and she'll help me next.

So I went home to take Jason to work, then went right back to the OHIP office, stood by her desk, and she helped me right away. Thanks! I told her she had been the most helpful person I'd spoken to in the past eleven months. She said to that "That's terrible." And, well, she had to deny me OHIP because of the contradictory letters immigration has been sending me, but told me before she did it that all I have to do is write an appeal (already on its way) to the general manager, and he should be able to take care of things. She also told me to go to the immigration office in Kitchener and talk to a live person, because it's the best way to get results. So I headed there from her office, and it had closed five minutes before I got there. Undaunted, I drove home, ran up the stairs, and dialed CIC before they saw me coming. I wasn't taking no for an answer! A really nice guy called Alex answered, and I started crying telling him about the whole OHIP fiasco and that every time I called every agent told me something different, and I just want to know what's going on! *sob* *sniffle* So he figured out what was going on. I don't have to get another medical exam, everyone else who works there is a monkey with a phone, and if I have any other difficulties, I can call his extention directly and he'll help me out.

Praise God! I'm so blessed. He's so good to me. Thought I'd share the good news.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I am a successful Tomato farmer!

Some of you may or may not know my life aspiration is to be a farmer. Well, sort of. I want to be a midwife; I AM a midwife, but on the side I'd like to do a little bit o' farming for the family table. Our apartment is a bit short on farmable land, but I've come up with my own solution.

The week I returned from Tanzania, I walked down to our friendly neighbourhood garden centre and purchased a bit of dirt and some seeds. I cultivated these wee plants all by mi onesy, and today they have all, 100% of them, sprouted. They tell you to put two seeds per hole, but I only put one. I was sure I could grow them. And so I have! They're still only wee plants, but soon they'll be bringing in quite the load of tomatoes.

Mmmmm....Tomatoes for eating, for salads, for canning, for lasagna, for soups, for giving and for selling. Organic tomatoes....I've even made my own organic fertilizer from kitchen scraps.

I'm very excited. I'll let you know when I harvest my firstfruits. :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Eepiddy-Bleepiddy Government!

No news is good news, eh?

So what possessed me to call up immigration this morning?! It was all smooth sailing after my last conversation with them. Things were well on their way, and then this morning the sky fell.

If anyone reading this knows someone who works for CIC, please let me know. I'd love to talk to them. Preferably to call them at home while they're eating dinner.

So here's the thing: they tell you on their blasted website that if you do everything they ask before you send in the application, then it will all go faster and cut 3-4 months off your processing time. So we did. Medical exam, police certificate, paid the fees, all the bells and whistles, done by August. And today I find out I have to do ANOTHER medical exam, because I should have waited until now to do it because almost everyone has to do it twice because it takes so stupid long to process an application that should be in and out in fifteen minutes or less. How about it's right or it's free? I get better service from the pizza man, and they charge 1% of what the socialists at immigration do. And pizza tastes better. And you can have it the next day for breakfast. They also neglected to tell me earlier that I needed a police certificate from the FBI. I could have done that months ago. (Like the first time I got fingerprinted.) That, at least, won't expire.

What I really don't understand here is why is it taking so long?! And what has changed on my medical exam? Have I suddenly developed HIV and/or tuberculosis after eleven months of living here? Doesn't that say more about Canada than the people they let in? Where do we get the money for another exam/chest X-ray/blood tests?

Forgive us, I'm extremely upset at the moment. Please pray for us.....

* That the FBI will process my background check speedily and it will arrive here very soon (tomorrow is great)
* That my work visa will arrive also tomorrow/ASAP
* That we won't lose hope

More when we know more.....