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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pre-Frodo photo profile

So tonight I finally looked at the pictures Stacey brought me in May from the wedding week. Can't believe that was already two years ago.....and just two years ago! Anyway, since you've been seeing my profile avec Frodo, I'd thought I'd post a wee comparison shot--taken just days before our wedding when we were up on the site scoping out the photo shoot.

So here we are--Mama Frodo (L) and Auntie Stacey (R)! (Gordita 1 and Gordita 2 for our DTS friends.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our first house!!!

Here it is--the house we won the bid for and then, in the eleventh hour, got a mortgage for! We are officially moving to Cambridge--Galt if you must know.
Here's a wee view out of one of the bedrooms, overlooking the kitchen/pantry roof. That's our little garage in the back of the yard that we pull into from the alley behind.
This is the path to the garage from the kitchen door. That's a lovely grapevine spilling over the neighbour's fence--I'm hoping to make some cuttings of it and grow them this winter for a special project I'm already foreseeing in the spring.....
Here is the upstairs landing leading to the bedrooms and upstairs bath. All the times we've been through the house we've barely turned on the lights to try them out--the house is so bright and naturally lit--quite a change from our apartment facing an apartment that only gets about two hours of sunlight on non-cloudy days! Thank you, Jesus!
Our lovely sun porch out front where I can watch all the neighbourhood happenings (and store the stroller). Some parts of this house are just like my sister's--the sun porch, the garage in the alley. The rest of the house is like my Grandma's--drawers full of random things and saved bread bags and all sorts of other interesting things that show you a quite elderly, retired person lived here most recently.

More pictures to follow! Possession date is August 10, moving date TBA but you're all invited to help out (as I'm not being permitted to help besides administratively).

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Here are a few more pictures from the zoo in ABQ. I can't take any credit for the bee as that is my sister's shot, but the flutterby was my handiwork. Well, I didn't make the flutterby, but I took the picture. Enjoy!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Frodo's photo up-date!

For those of you following our progress (I know, the pictures haven't been very frequent), here we are at 28 weeks along! Frodo is very active, especially when I'm at work, and Frodo's grown to the point that when there's a big kick, it's actually a visible movement coming out of my abdomen. It's so cool.

Yes, it's getting a bit tiring to be pregnant and carrying around extra weight, but it is so cool to interact with Frodo on a whole new level every month, it seems. Frodo's now very good at kicking wherever pressure is put on the belly, and responds HUGELY to Jason's voice. It's just so incredible to think about how much of a personality this little one already has--and we've two and a half months left on the inside! :)

Here's Brigitte and I the week before I went to New Mexico--and yes, she's due next week and I'm not until October....but she's tall, okay? The baby doens't have anywhere to go but out with me! Can't wait until she has hers.....been waiting for the news any day now. Isn't she cute?

So here's Frodo & I, 28 weeks and room still to grow. Although soon we'll have more room....... see next post for info!

PS--and thanks Christa for letting me borrow your capris! I lost my favourite (only) capris a few weeks ago in a freak laundry accident--have no idea where they've gone only they're now out of my possession. I still need to post a missing ad in the laundry room, I think.....

Trip to New Mexico

Here are some pictures from my trip out to see the family & a few friends (too few!). My time there was short--I knew it would be too short anyway, but it was artificially shortened by the airlines screwing up BIG time......they still haven't received my scalding fax with all the reimbursements I want, and then they'll realize the extent of the wrath of a stranded pregnant woman who saw six states in 24-hours (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, and New Mexico).

Anyway, the time I had there was great. Over way too soon, but it was sweet. :) And as you can all see, I have the cutest nephew in the world, my little Calebu.
I tried explaining to Caleb that if he ate Frodo now he wouldn't get a cousin in October. For some reason, he didn't really understand that concept. Or the concept of Auntie Judy getting a bit chubby means a cousin in October. We'll work on that. :) It was so good just to love on my little darling nephew.

And I have added pictures of the twiga watoto we saw at the zoo for good measure--just because they're cute! :) Twiga are perhaps my favourite baby animal. Long gangly legs, long black tongue, somewhat doofy face; what's not to love?