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Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm working now. Thought I'd let everyone one know in case you were trying to get a hold of me or something. I'm totally knackered, but things are going well. I really like the girls who got hired with me (well, a few weeks earlier, but meh). I haven't met too many people I'll be working with yet, because we've been in training all week learning how to use the computer system. It's good, but a lot of stuff to retain and I've been getting up really early every morning and to bed late. that's gotta stop. More later.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Quotes from Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Some background info for you: Siddhartha was written in 1922 by a German guy; I just picked it up at the library last week and thought it might be interesting, although thinking, what would some German in the 1920s know about life as a Brahmin (upper upper caste) in India? And the answer is, I don't know, but the book was mildly interesting and made several valid points. The ending was a bit cliche, but it's about the journey and not the destination, eh?

A few vocab points for those who are unfamiliar: Samana is an aesthetic, usually someone who lives in the wilderness and does a lot of fasting and praying and lives off of alms. Sansara is hell/suffering. Nirvana is the state of total enlightenment, what Westerners might call heaven, and release from the circle of death and rebirth. I hope you enjoy them.

"It often seemed near at hand, this heavenly world, but never once had he succeeded in reaching it, in quenching that final thirst."

"'It seems to me that of all the Samanas that exist, there is perhaps not one, not a single one, who will reach Nirvana. We find consolations, we find numbness, we learn skills with which to deceive ourselves. But the essential, the Path of Paths, this we do not find.'"

"He observed people living ina childish or animal way that he simultaneously loved and depored. He saw their struggles, watched them suffer and turn gray over things that seemed to him utterly unworthy of such a price--things like money, petty pleasures, petty honours. He saw people scold and insult one another, saw them wailing over aches and pains that would just make a Samana smile, suffering on account of deprivations a Samana would not notice."

"'Remember my friend: The world of shapes is transitory, and transitory--highly transitory--are our clothes, the way we wear our hair, and our hair and bodies themselves....The transitory changes swiftly....'"

"'Do you really believe that you committed your own follies so as to spare your son from committing them? And will you be able to save your son from Sansara?... What father, what teacher, was able to protect him from living life himself, soiling himself with life, accumulating guilt, drinking the bitter drink, finding his own path? Do you think then, my friend, that this path might be spared anyone at all? Perhaps your little son, because you love him and would like to spare him sorrow and pain and disillusionment? But even if you died ten times for him, you would not succeed in relieving him of even the smallest fraction of his destiny.'"

"His wound had not yet blossomed; his heart was still struggling against fate; merriment and victory did not yet shine from his sorrow."

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Work starts in T-1 day!

I start Monday morning at work! It will be an interesting challenge working out use of the car between Jason & I, but fortunately our workplaces are only about a 15 minute walk apart, so that gives us some options. Please all, pray for us as we adjust to this new point in our life with both of us working full-time and neither of us home much.

In other news, my grandma fell this week and broke her shoulder and knee cap. She's doing well, but has a lot of progress to make back to recovery. She's still in the hospital, and I'm getting good reports from my mom every day as to her progress. If you think of my little grandma, pray for her, too!

My bithday was Tuesday, and Wednesday I found out that I have a birthday baby! A woman from church had her baby on her due date, which was my birthday! She thought she was going to have him late, just like the others, but this one wanted to be there on time! That means Jason & I both have birthday babies this year--his is Faith, and mine is Titus. :) Also for my birthday, Jason got me some really cute sapo earrings, the new Jars of Clay CD and a cute shirt to wear to work. He also made me a fantastic Mexican dinner and had the whole day off to spend together. It was an incredible birthday. I also got called by my parents, my sister, my nephew, and my favourite Brazilian friend.

All in all, I've had a fantastic week waiting to start work. There's a lot I'm going to miss about being a full-time housewife. But you know? All things are transitory, right?

Anyway, got to get ready for church now. Peace upon you!