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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Don't succumb to Rogers

So a few months ago when we started the whole looking at houses project, I called up Rogers (home phone) to ask a few questions. The big question was why there was a late fee showing up on our account after Jason had called them and they promised to take it off, as we did pay on time but they are stupid. So they promised me the late fee would come off, and I didn't pay it. (It's still on our phone bill, by the way, six months later.) While I had someone on the line, I asked about transferring our old number to our new place, and she said it would be no problem, as we're in the same municipality.

Did I mention that only a few months before this Rogers calls up and asks us to convert to a digital line? No fee, blah blah blah, they'd give us $20 our next bill or something. So we agreed. What's there to lose, eh?

We call again to actually set up the appointment to get the phone line happening at the new house, and they tell us actually we do have to get a new number. No particular reason. Because it's easier for them, would be my guess.

So Friday morning Jason discovers at the apartment that the phone line is already disconnected. No big deal; I was waiting at the new house for the Rogers guy to come at 2ish to hook us up on this end with the new number. Naturally, we assumed they would put a forwarding message on the old number as soon as the new one was hooked up. They didn't.

Went back to work on Sunday (or tried to, but was so exhausted I sent myself home for a three-hour nap). Still no forwarding message on the old line.

Went back to work for real on Monday, as did Jason, and never got to call Rogers.

Went to work on Tuesday and forgot to ask Jason to call them as I wouldn't be home during business hours.

Finally this morning I call them (by the way, voice prompt menus suck, but that's an entirely different blog) to get this thing taken care of. I have to go through a voice prompt menu (which hate me), then enter my phone number, then I've entered the queue with the crappy music to talk to someone. First peeve--they don't tell you how long the approximate wait is. Second peeve--twenty minutes later, I get to talk to someone, who asks me what my phone number is. Why the heck did I enter it earlier if she's just going to ask me for it again? Third peeve--I find out that the new Rogers digital home phone system doesn't offer a little forwarding message on your old number. Because they can't at this point. Oh yes, people have asked about it. No, I don't know what you're supposed to do if people want to call you. Yes, it is something that we are hoping to offer people at some point before there is a settlement on the moon. No, there's no time frame. Yes, you'll have to wait for the new phone book to come out if you ever want to get a call from anyone. Yes, we've had a few complaints about this. Can't imagine why. Thanks for calling Rogers.


Freakin......can't even.....urgh!

So spread the word. Rogers is bad. No me gusta. They don't even know what customer service is. What a load of crap.

We've moved!

I apologize if you haven't heard from me lately--between working and moving, I've really done nothing else but get the occasional sleep.

The move went quite well, I think. I don't know. I didn't do much but feed and water people. Basically, the living room is set up and the rest of the house is in boxes. It's amazing how 1700 square feet can feel more crowded than 900 when the same amount of stuff is in it.

Anyway, come by and see us sometime. I don't think the phone company has put on a forwarding number yet, but I'll be calling about that today to see when they're going to do it.

More later.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A visit from Amy

Some pictures from our latest adventure.......

Making our soon to be infamous (that means more than famous), secret recipe, chocscotchanilla cookies.

Making jam--blackberry-red wine jam, blueberry-strawberry jam, and pear-rooibos jelly.

Seeing our house and standing in the hobbit bathroom.

And Jason bravely holding back the tears as we drive home from the airport.

We love you, Amy! Come visit us again! And next time bring Miguelito with you. :) We'd love to have you anytime. Now you've seen the guest bedroom that awaits your next visit.

Okay, so I've been trying to post this since yesterday and it won't seem to post on my blog! What the heck?! Trying again......